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Autumn Dope
Georgia a gothic loveable redhead 14 years and 5,4......i was born with alot of pets like my 20 ferrets,1horse,1fish,4dogs,4cats,1ginnypig,1bunnys its like a farm here i love it tho being around animals in Georgia and i will stay in Georgia im a small town girl in a small town i use to be a pink gift giver girly girl now im a idk black gothic girl im i draw and play drums inside and outside i have vary few friends ware i leave all the rest of them leave across town or in a different state as me i have a sis in collage i hardly ever see her but i pass the time wen im alone i play the drums all day long till someone comes back home umm.. im a heavey metal devil i listen to metal everyday nothing eles i listen to slipknot murderdolls rob zombie manson ya know this like that im also in the industrial music......iv been in the for a vary long time not a normal kidd i intened to be like this for a ass wen someone urts my friends or family if u do i will hurt you vary badly

BAND : I had a band before but we had are ups and downs the only thing we love doing is going places playing for ppl an playing with ppl we had to....stop playing cuz most ppl didnt like us doin music for or with there "kids" so now sinc 2005 i think ive been a lone wolf umm i wish i can get them back together cuz now idk what ppl think they hate us they hate us they love us well they love US! \m/

ART : I would draw anything like horses bats zombies anything gross,dead or cool umm sometimes i draw for ppl the type of girl that carys some paper and pens in my bag everyware with me to the sqare park anyware i can go i love dooing this umm....wen i draw it clames me down from being mad or something but i love drawing things that most ppl dont draw! :)>

thats is some about me if u really want to know me lets chat be friends ya know i wish i had more friends thenn what i do now i only have like 2 friends right now i lost everybody eles friend being bff then there mad at me for no reason anyways i get alil sad wen im alone an i wish i had ppl to talk to on this or facebook idk anyware if ur sad or mad u can talk about it with a frend or mom an dad idk who u could talk to so im just on this to talk an stuff an show what i have to draw my drawings are really personl to me there dreams that i have every night wen i sleep idk if theres anyone out there thats laying awake thinking about me or someone like me like my Logan Demon drawings hes just a dream a 6'8 long haried gothic tattoo artest protectve loveing shy badass killing teen just this one time i wish that if he was real i would know i mean he probale is but u know dreams are dreams if he was here right now i would want him to hold me i have never been held in my hole life! :'( do u know how bad that is! he fake even tho i think hes real i wish there was someone for me like Logan ohh well god makes ppl for everybody :'( but anyways get to know me im on fcaebook twitter and even myspace (>' ')> *hugz*

Favourite genre of music: heavy metal industrail dope shit!
Favourite photographer: my cuzson she does Weddin pics
Favourite style of art: anything!
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: stewie jake the dog
Personal Quote: whos your hero?! can you cork it!? im not made of money!? DO IT TO IT!!
BREAKINGNEWS!: My drawlings or the Crow Bros not only is Logan my dream guy witch hes not cuz hes my brother...I KNOW RIGHT!? weird? creepy? grows? yeah in 1995 my mom was with child a boy "Logan Anderson" my brother well when the day came that he was gonna be born he was misscarried and had passed before she gave birth. In 1997 an she was with child again a girl "Autumn Anderson" me his little sister i was born in NOV 18th of that year i dont remember much when i was born  but who would? logan was having a hard time finding me when i was just a tiny girl he wasnt getting threw to any of us not my mom, dad, my older sister brittany evrybody. My older sister had told me about him the rest i learned myself as she told me i had fell to my knees in weakness crying asking "why did he let go?" then my mom explaned everything to me As i got older 6 maybe 7 years ago a shadow started to fallow me around everywhare it would scare me! an ppl around me would even get scared or even stare at it he fallowed me in the house, outside, in walmart, that park evrywhare! 3 years after that he made his self known to me to me he was just a huge tall guy that was fallowing i though he was a creeper. As i seen him whare i went he would get closer an closer to me everytime as well as he tryed to talk to me since maybe last year we started to talk to each other we have been talk since maybe the first of the year. logan told me yesturday "you everything i could ever want in a baby you now know im always here for you no matter what" it made me cry all dayand i will tell you what he looks like! <~~~~~~~

His Hair: Vary long black hair with red bangs
His higth: 7.2 329 pounds of musle
His body: Flame tattoo on his right arm, A within a circle on his hip bone, 1 nipple ring, 12 ear rings,  
               2 nose rings, 1 tounge ring, 4 eye brow rings, 3 lip rings, a gottee, Bright blue eyes, deep  
               cheek bones, corked nose, deep voice
His kind: Hes a gothic, protective, bad ass, beer drinking older brother 17 year old teen believe it or
              not i know i first
His reason to be here with me: Hes here to protect me from hard asses im in training right now and
              hes also here to keep me safe, sane, and to let me know that even if hes dead he will  
              always be with me anywahre anytime

I tryed to keep this to my self but i ended up telling mybest friend sister Becca about him an she believes me thank god she dont think in crazy! i wanted to tell mom about him but i was thinking she would tell me something stupid. logan has been with me for a long time when im asleep there would be a dip in the bed behide me as if he was sitting there evrynight theres big boot steps walking threw the house and i know its not my dad cuz my dad goes to work at 11:30 an ever now an then he will do something to make me laugh at him when im upset. I can see him so well its like hes in the house only everybody eles cant see him kinda werid right? im not making this up i sware he would tell you his self. i just wish he was alive so my friends, family, could see him i miss you Logan you will forever and always be my brother i love you alot. </3

#~~~;~;~<@ Vintage Copper
  • Mood: Emotional
  • Listening to: Remember: FFDP
  • Watching: Mory
  • Eating: skittles
  • Drinking: MoutinDew

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